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Did you ever notice how a wine barrel is made up of not one, but several long slender pieces of wood?  Hard to tell from it's shape, but each of those "staves" is carefully held in place by nothing more than metal bands.

Save-A-Stave Art takes all the elements of the barrel and the bottle, turning them into functional pieces of art that will enhance your home with the essence of how wine is crafted and stored.  Each piece of SAS Art is unique, from the wine stained interior of the stave to the handle cut bottles and used corks that make each piece a topic of conversation over a good bottle of wine.       

Aviation + Furniture = Aviture

​Aviture makes furniture and décor for the home and office using recycled aircraft parts, in combination with materials such as decorative woods, glass and other metals. Most of our products incorporate parts from General Aviation aircraft as opposed to Military or Commercial aircraft.

We focus on creating distinctive well-engineered first-class pieces for the aviation enthusiast. Each piece of Aviture receives its own permanently attached data plate identifying its date of manufacture, aircraft parts description and individual serial number. 

Avitures' mission is to transform those aircraft parts that have been condemned to a life without purpose and put them back into service. In fact our mission is our slogan "Giving Old Aircraft New Vectors."  

Other Stuff

Life isn't all airplane parts and wine barrels. Sometimes it's nice to make something different and custom, fill that space that traditional functional art can't.   That's what my "other stuff" is about.  I've made custom pieces for small apartments, welded together metal gates and  made random outdoor artworks.  If you have something special you want made, shoot me an email, let's talk!       

Functional Art, Furniture and Decor for your home. 

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