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All that Stuff you want to know...Policies, Guarantees and Other FAQs.

Below you'll find answers to your questions.  If we didn't answer it here, email us and ask!   

Policies and Guarantees 


How long does it take to receive my order? 

Most of the products you see listed on this website are available to ship within 1 week of you order, unless otherwise noted on the listing for the product.   If any product is not available we will contact you immediately to let you know how soon it will be available.  If the timing is not satisfactory and agreed upon before beginning any custom work we will issue a refund to you. 


What kind of guarantee do you offer? 

We want to make sure you are happy with the products you purchase.  We know that sometimes what you see online isn't what it looks like once you get it.  We accept returns on all purchase up to 14 days after you receive it.  We cannot refund any shipping charges, but we will refund the full purchase price of the item itself.  All of this provided that the item is still in good salable condition.   ​

Also we offer the option to exchange items up to 45 days if you find that the item is not quite right for your space.  We'll find another product that will work for you. 


What Shipping method do you use?

For most of the smaller products we will ship using USPS Priority or First Class Mail.  For the longer candelabras and larger items we will use UPS or FedEx.  For the larger packages including any furniture pieces we will use an LTL shipping service.  

If you have a preferred shipping method, please contact us with your name and which items you purchased.  Adjustments to the shipping costs listed may be necessary. 


The product was damaged in shipping, what do I do?


We strive to make sure that your item will not be damaged when it's shipped.  But we understand that does happen.  We ship items so that they are insured.  So if the item is damaged contact us immediately, to make arrangements to ship it back to us and we will work to get a new piece shipped to you. 


I am interested in having some custom elements added to my piece, is that possible?


Yes! There are a variety of ways we can customize products we already have on our website.  Please note any customization will extend delivery date as the item will have to be made for you and price adjustments may be necessary.  Contact Us to discuss details prior to ordering. 

Here are some of the ways we offer customization on our Save A Stave Pieces:

  •  Wood Writing: To the Candelabras we can burn text or symbols into the wood.  For example, on a 421, we can scribe into the wood the name of your personal lounge.  We can mark Model 11s with initials or dates to make for a unique bridesmaids or groomsman gifts.  
  • Wood Staining: We can stain the wood on candelabras to your preference.  We don't recommend this since the natural wood coloring will make for unevening coloring, but if you prefer a light stain to the wood we can do it.  
  • Glass Bottle Colors: For our Put A Cork In It, Model 925 or Flower Tower series we cut glass bottles to fit into the wood.  We can color coordinate to a single color for the multiple units, or provide a specific blend of colors.  The color options that are readily available are: Green, Brown and Yellow.  Color options that are a premium include: white and blue.  

Customizing our Aviture Pieces is a little more complicated, but can be done.

  • Specific Aircraft:  For some of our pieces we know exactly what kind of aircraft the part was removed from.  If you are a fan of a certain type of aircraft we may have a piece available for you.  
  • Colors:  For the strut cut pieces we can custom color your piece.  


 I would like to have a custom piece of functional art or furniture made. 


We would love to talk to you about the custom furniture or art you would like to have made.  Contact us and let's see what we can create together.  

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