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Aviture makes furniture and décor for the home and office using recycled aircraft parts, in combination with materials such as decorative woods, glass and other metals. Most of our products incorporate parts from General Aviation aircraft as opposed to Military or Commercial aircraft.

We focus on creating distinctive well-engineered first-class pieces for the aviation enthusiast. Each piece of Aviture receives its own permanently attached data plate identifying its date of manufacture, aircraft parts description and individual serial number. 



Avitures' mission is to transform those aircraft parts that have been condemned to a life without purpose (not airworthy) and put them back into service. In fact our mission is our slogan "Giving Old Aircraft New Vectors."

Aviation + Furniture = Aviture

For those who have visited us before, you'll notice our site is now, that's becasue we've expanded from just aviation furniture.  Check out what else we are doing now!

Products For Sale

Most of our small products (the mini strut cuts and strut cut caddy) are already made and ready to ship in about a week.  Please note with the holiday season sometimes we get a little behind on getting these products made and shipped out to you.  Please check out our FAQ's to learn more about our shipping policy. If you have any questions about getting your product in time for a special occassion, please contact us at  

The other pieces listed below as well as the custom made pieces may require additional time as we strive to make each piece a work of art made just for you.


a/c part used: Wing Brace

Length: ~6"

Width: 4 ½"

Height: 2"

Color: Metallic Silver or White.

Weight: ½ lb

Tea Light



COST: $45

Shipping $10 

After you order, please send us an email indicating color (silver or white) and style (prop or jet)

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Mini Strut Cut  ​

Your business card says a lot about you. Your business card holder says the rest.  Made from the wing brace (a.k.a strut) of a high wing aircraft these unique items are perfect for business cards, candy, nuts or with the included tea light your night-time operations are no problem!

Your choice of a twin engine jet or single propeller style in either metallic silver or white.   

The Strut Cut Caddy

High performance...that describes this pen and paper caddy. Not because it once flew amongst the clouds, but because it doubles as a tea light candle holder...making it fully-mission-capable (FMC) for night operations!


The Strut Cut Caddy is ready for night operations simply by removing the contents and rest the tea light holder on top of the 4-chamber insert.

Each piece of Aviture is made from a salvaged aircraft part. The signs of its prior life are still evident in the small inconsistencies under the fresh coat of paint.

a/c part used: Wing Brace

Height: 4"

Width: 2 1/16"

Length: 4 11/16"

Color: Satin white exterior, weathered aluminum interior

Base: Finished Mahogany with black felt bottom.

Weight: ~ 1/2 lb

• 1 Strut Cut Caddy
• 1 glass tea light holder
• 1 tea light
• 1 4 chamber insert 

COST:  $50 

Shipping $20

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Gear Up Clock ​

The Gear Up clock is ready to fly on your wall or park on your desk with its' own chocks and runway stand. The attitude indicator face was custom made for this clock and meant to look as authentic as possible. Whether you're into fixed, retracts, floats or skids, the Gear Up Clock will improve your attitude!

a/c part used: Wheel (split rim half)

Height: 7 ½"

Depth: 3"

Face: 2 5/8"

Color: Metallic silver with flat black bolt heads. Attitude indicator is blue over brown with red, white, black and international orange - all enclosed.

Weight: 2 ½ lbs.

Gear Up Clock and Runway Stand
Stand Dimensions:
Length:   5"
Width: 1 ¼ "
Height: ¾ "
Weight: ½ oz

Color: black runway under a set of yellow chalks (NOTE: Runway and tail number personalization available by request. Runway and tail numbers do not come standard).



COST: $195

Shipping $40.00 

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The Strut Cut Votive Set

5 free standing arrange-how-you-like votive candle holder set.  Made from the Wing Brace of a General Aviation airplane.  

a/c part used: Wing Brace

Height: 2 ½", 3 ¼", 4", 4 ¾", 5 ½"

Width: 2 3/16"

Length: 5"

Color: Satin white exterior, weathered aluminum interior

Base: Finished Mahogany with black felt bottom.

Weight: ~ 5 lbs

• 5 Strut Cuts, 6 glass votive candles
• 1 circular mirror with black felt bottom.

NOTE: Only the tallest strut cut carries the Aviture data plate. The remaining 4 have been engraved with their numbers inside.



Plane View Picture Frame ​

Grab your own window seat!  This picture frame emulates the views that you see out of an airplane. The actual window of a commercial airplane is used & the curved glass makes you feel like you are right there inside the plane. Solid Mahogany construction with walnut faux rivet pattern mimics the look the skin of a plane. Each frame has its own data plate showing date of manufacture, serial number and aircraft type. Each frame is ready to hang vertically or horizontally using a single innovative cable system.
NOTE: A hanger hook is NOT included. We recommend a hook with a weight rating of at least 20 lbs.

a/c part used: Boeing 727 cabin window assembly (pressure and protective panes wih rubber seal)

Length: 18 5/8"

Width: 14 5/8"

Height: 2 5/8"

Color: Finished Mahogany and Walnut

Weight: ~10 lbs.

Frame assembly includes main window unit, rear panel, cable system and interior foam board unit.



COST: $550

Shipping $50 

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Custom made products 

As an aviation buff, it's my pleasure to take pieces of aircraft that are no longer airworthy and find new uses for them.  I have piles of ailerons, flaps, horizontal stabilizers, struts and more waiting for renewed purpose in a new home. Whether you are an aviation buff or pilot, I am ready to work with you to make a custom piece of furniture for your home. 

Email me, let's talk,

First Flight Table

Blending Piper and Cessna parts, this coffee table is as much art as it is functional furniture. Vertical structure is provided by a Piper PA-60 Aerostar engine mount, while Cessna C-177 Cardinal Flap sections make up the horizontal components. The ends of each flap section are capped with polycarbonate allowing a glimpse of the internal structure of the piece. The lower flap
section is rotated 90 degrees from the upper surface, which affords visual stimulus regardless of vantage point. In keeping with the Cardinals cantilever wing design, both flap sections rest upon cantilever chassis. Both glass surfaces as well as the base feet are fully adjustable for straight and level flight.

a/c part used: Piper Aerostar engine mount and Cessna Cardinal Flap

Length: 47"

Width: 22"

Height: 25"


Engine mount: powder coated textured chrome.
Upper/Lower Chassis: powder coated wrinkle black.
Upper/Lower Flap: satin white exterior, silver
aluminum interior.

Weight: ~100 lbs.

1 engine mount
2 flap sections
2 pieces of glass measuring approximately 22" x 47" (1/2" thick) and 15" x 19" (1/4" thick)

NOTE: Because the flap sections are tapered (not parallel) both glass pieces are custom cut and have ½" radii cornerst.



COST: Original is not for sale.  Similar custom made item $12,000.

Shipping:  Depends on so many things.  Send us an email and lets talk about it

Roll Out Table

Who would have ever thought to make a table from an old engine mount? Not too many people. The engineering to take something that originally flew at over 200 mph and create a fully functional piece of furniture was a time consuming endeavor. That's why there are only TWO of these in existence right now. With custom-built isolator fittings to support the upper glass surface, and uniquely engineered and built cantilever brackets to support a lower glass shelf, this piece is truly a work of art. 12 individual leveling points on this table assure the user will have a level flight with this piece of Aviture. adjustable for straight and level flight.

a/c part used: Piper PA 30/39 Twin Comanche engine mount

Diameter: 24"

Height: 21"

Color: Powder coated textured chrome and wrinkle black.

Weight: ~45 lbs.

1 engine mount unit
1 18"x1/4" Glass (lower shelf)
1 24" x 1/2" Glass (upper shelf)


Currently there are two of these, the only matched set available.


COST:  $7500 each.

Shipping:  Depends on so many things.  Send us an email and lets talk about it

Flying Aileron Shelf  

Ailerons are designed to help turn airplanes. Aviture's "Flying Aileron" shelf is designed to turn heads. No matter where it's mounted, the "Flying Aileron" shelf is sure to add class and character to any room, especially with our optional light kit.

a/c part used: Aileron

Diameter: 2 5/8"

Height: 1 foot

Length: 4 feet

Color: Shown in Silver, but color choice is up to you - we can do any custom color.

Weight: self load weight is ~10 lbs.

Clear plastic top to protect the ridges of the aileron and create a level surface for display.
Modified aileron shelf.
Modified internal mounting bracket and screws.
OPTIONAL: Ambient Light Kit $100.00 Must be installed at time of purchase.


COST:  $695 each.

Shipping:  about $100 

Send us an email to order

Functional Art, Furniture and Decor for your home. 

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