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The Artist


Edgar has spent his life infatuated by airplanes.   From the time he first saw a wildly-colored Braniff International 747 in the early '70s he was hooked!  He spent four years in the U.S. Air Force as an MH-60G helicopter crew chief with the 1st Special Operations Wing.

While earning his B.A. in Geography, Edgar spent several years with FedEx in Spokane, WA loading and unloading aircraft. Since then his jobs have included: being a FedEx courier, school bus driver, apprehending shoplifters and federal law enforcement (U.S. Customs Service) all in the hopes of earning a private pilots license and building his own plane.

Edgar’s desire to find other things that could be re-purposed into something useful flourished from just airplane parts.  A weekend trip to Washington wine country spurred a new avenue with Save-A-Stave and décor made from wine barrel parts. Since then, he has taken traditional stave art and created a unique line of Signature Pieces that only he makes.  Edgar’s style is to find new and creative ways to reuse wine bottles, wine barrels and corks.

Hopefully this new adventure will finally give him the means (time and money) to finish his pilots license and build his own airplane! Ed and his wife Lara live and work in Ferndale, Washington and are expecting their first child later this year.  

The Artist In Action

Pictures of the process: from collecting the raw materials to finishing the pieces, here are few pictures to show

you how it gets done. 

Functional Art, Furniture and Decor for your home. 

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